We tailor all of our services to suit your requirements as no two clients needs (or their plants and their plants needs) will be the same. An initial consultation will be held via telephone in advance of your visit to ensure we have everything ready to assist you during your face to face consultation/session. 


Suited to those wanting to achieve a really striking result for their space using plants and add a cutting edge to their home or business.

  • Free face to face consultation to discuss your needs, and assess: the light and space available, your current or intended décor/theme and the level of maintenance effort required / desired
  • Curated range of plants and pots to complement
  • Designed either with you or for you
  • Delivered to you and installed by us with a “Get To Know Your Plants” session
  • Personalised care documentation provided to give you the confidence to nurture them accordingly
  • Support thereafter should you have any questions
  • Plant maintenance contracts available for businesses
  • Available for spaces large and small, consultation priced accordingly



Ideal for those with existing plants that could do with a little check-up, or if you'd like to pick someones brain on your plant care. Check ups and care sessions can include:

  • An individual check-up for each of your plants
  • Ensure your plants are well positioned and location swaps suggested where necessary for your plants health
  • Discuss watering requirements and make changes where necessary
  • Fertilising information and recommended products available to purchase with a discount during your consultation. During your pre-visit telephone consultation we will ask if you wish to have a demonstration of our products to see first hand how they're used
  • Repotting assessment for each plant, with substrates available to purchase during your consultation and delivered to you should you require them
  • Assess available space for more plants and provide suggestions as to which plants would suit the space well with the option to purchase (absolutely no obligation)
  • Support thereafter



Ideal for weddings, baby showers, birthdays and other special occasions

  • Favours (small plants to be given to guests) and other plants to gift
  • Plant set ups for your venue



We have a number of ever changing plants available to purchase for local delivery or collections.

You can also purchase plants to order, just let us know what you would like and if you're local, have them delivered to your door by us personally (Bedford only), or by Next Day Courier Service if you're somewhere further afield. (Usually around around a 1 week turn around.)