Plant Decor

It has been scientifically proven in many studies just how great plants are for our health and wellbeing. We need them to survive of course, but they also encourage us to thrive. 

Studies clearly show that plants:

- increase positivity

- help us feel secure and relaxed

- decrease levels of anxiety

- help clean indoor air quality by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen

- increase attention span and memory by a massive 20%

- improve concentration, productivity and creativity

Plants make a space more inviting. We instantly feel more at home and more comfortable in a space that incorporates greenery, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Plants breathe life and colour into any area, creating a calmer working environment and happier, more welcoming atmosphere for staff, visitors and customers alike.



The process begins with a visit so we can see your space and discuss any ideas you may have, allowing us to discuss any specific requirements and get a feel for your home or, if a business, your organisation’s space, location and corporate image. We will provide you with visuals to help chose from a range of plants that will be suitable in terms of light and maintenance, deliver and install the plants, and teach you exactly how to care for them and understand their needs- with clear documentation to refer back to should you need it.

We also offer maintenance contracts for local businesses, with scheduled visits from us to ensure the plant displays are fed, watered, and in tip top condition. We like to give our customers the freedom to be as involved or removed from the process and care as they wish.

Don’t take our word for it -  see what we can do for your space and experience the benefits yourself. Contact us to book your consultation today.