Plant Check-Ups

Ideal for those with existing plants that could do with a little check-up and aimed at those plant parents needing a little support to get started themselves on plant-y tasks such as repotting.

Plant Check-Ups Include: 

  • A visit from a Plant Consultant whose brain you can pick with any questions relating to your plants, their care and requirements
  • An individual check-up for each of your plants
  • Ensure your plants are well positioned in terms of lighting requirements and location swaps suggested where necessary for your plants health
  • Discuss watering requirements and advise any changes where necessary
  • Repotting assessment for each plant with advice included. Substrates and essentials such as plant support poles available to order should you require them

In order for us to understand your needs and to enable us to quote you more accurately please get in touch with more information about your collection and your requirements.

    Prices start at £30.

    Add ons:

    • Have your plants repotted by us using the ideal potting mix/ substrates for your plants
    • Assess available space for more plants and provide suggestions as to which plants would suit the space well with the option to purchase (absolutely no obligation)