Lola’s Garden was created by Charlotte, a plant and nature enthusiast with a love of traveling and a background in professional background in sales and marketing.

As a child, every summer was spent in her grandmother’s enchanting garden nestled away in the Garden of Eden (Kent) which boasted a stunning collection of well-cared for plants, flowers, shrubs and fruit trees across a glorious 4 acres of beautifully kept land. Here, Charlotte learnt a lot about plants and saw first-hand the beauty and the reward of her grandmothers dedication to the plants. She watched as her grandmother worked away tirelessly maintaining the garden with lots of love, always.

Charlotte’s obsession with wildlife and nature grew and blossomed here and these most cherished memories are held close in her heart to this day.

Charlotte's daughter Lola in her grandmothers garden


New Beginnings

At the start of 2019 Charlotte left London and everything she knew behind in search of a new life with her then 1-year-old-daughter Lola. She found herself turning to her love of plants as her therapy, and later, to meet and connect with people in her new hometown of Bedford.

Charlotte spent the Summer with her now-also-plant-obsessed little Lola, (the 5th generation of plant lovers in the family) repotting plants in the garden and selling them on Facebook. Discovering there was a huge demand for indoor plants in the area, Charlotte set about creating her brand Lola's Garden, naming it after her daughter and an acronym of her grandmothers number one rule for plant care and gardening- "Lots of Love Always".

In December 2019 she opened the doors of Lola’s Garden: a quirky, unique shop for plant lovers and gift seekers.



Covid-19 hit pretty much simultaneously, but the first lockdown in March saw Lola’s Garden boom. Charlotte worked from home at this time and each week, a new delivery would arrive with hundreds of beautiful house and garden plants filling her entire garden and downstairs of her home, ready to be delivered to their new ‘parents’.

People were spending 23 hours a day in their homes and gardens, wanting to bring life to their space and reward to their life through the beauty and exploration of plants and plant keeping as a hobby. Covid wasn’t the only infectious thing around Town - people who had never looked twice at a plant found themselves learning to care for plants with help and advice from Lola’s Garden, and Charlotte’s obsession and love of plants quickly multiplied throughout Bedfordshire.



After the second lockdown in April, Charlotte reopened Lola’s with a new and improved, larger shop, home to the UK’s first Succulent & Potting Bar. She enjoyed spending Spring and Summer with the locals of Bedford, teaching them about repotting and caring for succulents through this unique learning experience at the potting bar.


Branching Out

Fast forward to December 2021, with the world still turned upside down by Covid-19, it was time to take stock and evaluate the business. Peoples’ lives had changed. Many now worked at home and less people wanted to be out and about shopping in the town.

To keep up with the ever-changing needs of her customers, Charlotte made the bittersweet decision to close the physical store, allowing her to adapt, evolve and grow her business in other ways.

Today, Charlotte focusses on bringing the plants to you. Through face-to-face consultations, online assessments and houseplant deliveries, Charlotte works closely with her customers in a number of ways to breathe life into their space through the use of plants, focusing on her tailored services , her Plant Care Sessions and Interior Plant Design.


A full list of Charlotte’s services can be found under Services on the main navigation.