Lola's Succulent care guide in 4 simple steps

Succulents can be brilliant house plants; they are relatively low maintenance and can bring a burst of colour into an corner. Here's four simple steps to ensure you make the best of your succulents.

Step 1 - Sunlight

Most succulents like to receive some direct sunlight. This helps them keep their vibrant colours but also their form and prevents them from getting "leggy". Getting "leggy" is a term used when a plant's stem has shot up leaving larger than usual gaps between the leaves as it's reaching for the light. When this occurs a plant will often be leaning one way towards the light source. This can be avoided by taking step 1, and also step 2.

Step - Rotation

Rotate your succulents regularly. This links with step 1 and will prevent them from leaning over so they can soak up all the sunlight coming in from whichever angle it's hitting them.

Do you need to rotate them daily? No, but once a week giving it's pot a slight turn so in a month you've done a full circle would be ideal. If you forget one week, just turn when you remember. 


Step 3 - Correct watering

Allow the soil to almost dry out completely before watering again. Get to know the weight of the pot when dry and when wet as this will help you to know when it needs to be watered without having to lift it out of its nursery pot. You should also ensure not to spill water on to the leaves of your succulent.

Step 4 - Soil

Fast draining/ porous soil. Linked to step 3, it's important that your plant is potted in fast draining soil that doesn't retain too much water. The soil that plants are sold in by growers is not a suitable long term soil for a healthy and thriving plant. They will usually be fine for a while, but for the plant to grow well and thrive you should definitely consider re-potting with a good succulent potting mix. You should use an even mix of soil with horticultural potting grit, coarse sand, perlite or similar and can use a mix of more than 2.

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